Stone Crab is BACK!


It’s that time of year again and there’s no better way to say it – our customers go nuts over our stone crab! Here are some quick  facts surrounding one of our most popular seasonal items on the menu:

▪ The mouthwatering shellfish is available at Piero’s for about six months out of the year from early fall to April or May, which is prime fishing season in Florida.

▪ Piero’s was one of the first restaurants in Las Vegas to serve stone crab 30 years ago!

▪ Our stone crab is always fresh and NEVER frozen! We receive a new shipment of fresh crab every night, or every other night, during the season. What might hold it up? Mother Nature! If there’s a storm in Florida that can delay the boats and shipments everywhere.

▪ We serve our crab chilled with a special mustard sauce – the same sauce we’ve been offering for 30 years. Our customers love it!

▪ We always crack them open for you in the back to make it easier for you to enjoy. They come three to an appetizer and six to an entrée.

There’s always a rush for stone crab orders early on in the season as folks have felt deprived of crab for six months! A group of six men recently came in and ordered six entrée-sized portions and another guest simply said “keep ‘em coming.”

Don’t worry – when you come in we’ll have some chilled and ready to go. Enjoy!