Soup’s On at Piero’s!

Verdure e Legumi in Brodo SOUP BLOG 1

The vernal equinox is coming – spring begins on March 20! As you’re gearing up to shed the winter ‘chill,’ why not let us assist with a hot, comforting and delicious bowl of soup?

We have some staples that are always on the menu, including verdure e legumi in brodo and pasta e fagioli soup. Although I love all of our soup options, my favorite is the verdure e legumi in brodo, (we call it the vegetable soup) because it is freshly prepared once the soup is requested. It includes fresh vegetables and a touch of angel hair pasta. I absolutely recommend it and you will not be disappointed – especially when you add parmesan cheese!

Pasta e fagioli soup final SOUP BLOG 2

And I also must highlight our Italian classic – pasta e fagioli soup (also known as peasant soup). A quick Italian lesson – Pasta e fagioli, means “pasta and beans.”

We frequently rotate a third option. In March we’re featuring our “lentil and sausage soup” as the soup of the day.

It’s packed with:
•             Celery
•             Carrots
•             Onion
•             Lentils
•             Sausage

All of our soups are prepared daily by our Executive Chef Gilbert Fetaz. We look forward to seeing you soon. Come in and warm up for spring!