Piero’s: A Valentine’s Day Romantic Restaurant

Celebrate a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner at Piero’s Restaurant

winner of Piero's 30th anniversary on Valentine's Day 2015

Michelle Genna, winner of our 30th anniversary contest in 2015 held at Piero’s Italian Cuisine on Valentine’s Day. 

Whether its Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, there’s no restaurant more romantic than Piero’s Italian Cuisine.  Dimmed, rosy lights and leather chairs evoke coziness and closeness.  It’s the perfect atmosphere for couples.  As an accessible off-the-strip restaurant with valet parking at the door, Piero’s is like stepping into refined old school Las Vegas dining experiences.

Piero’s has been a favorite for a romantic evening out – especially on Valentine’s Day – for nearly 37 years in Las Vegas.  Piero’s has hosted a number of locals, tourists, and celebrity couples through special days like engagement proposals, weddings, and anniversaries with our world-class serving staff and classic Italian menu.

With national awards for our authentic Italian food and five-star dining service, we pamper our guests with everything they need to enjoy dinner on a special day.  Our Server Captains share with you their suggestions for best dishes and desserts for that special night.

So, for your next special dinner or celebratory dining experience, give Piero’s Italian Cuisine a call to book a reservation!

Call us at 702.369.2305.