Piero’s First Menu – Las Vegas Sporting House

Piero's First Menu - Las Vegas Sporting House
In searching through some of Piero’s old memorabilia, we turned up a gem – the original 6-entrée menu by Chef Piero Broglia created 30+ years ago.

What’s the story behind Piero’s first menu?

The origins of Piero’s first menu date back to the early 1980’s. One of my father’s (Freddie Glusman) first experiences as a restaurateur was at The Las Vegas Sporting House on Industrial Road with partner Allen Glick.  It was a café that served coffee and lunch daily.  One day a week Chef Piero, a longtime family friend, would visit and cook up an Italian feast for our guests.  The food was so good, and so popular, that my father decided to open up an Italian restaurant on Karen Ave. by the name of Piero’s Italian Cuisine.

Piero’s quickly became a hotspot for locals as well as some questionable characters in town.  However, Chef Piero’s tenure with the restaurant was short-lived.  At a party for Luciano Pavarotti the chef walked out following a disagreement surrounding a customer’s request for vegetables to accommodate a special dietary restriction.

This event made way for Sous Chef Gilbert Fetaz to take over as head chef.  He made the menu his own, incorporating in a great amount of fresh fish and authentic Italian classics.  Our customers are still enjoying it 30 years later.

Fun Fact About Piero’s

Entrees listed within Piero’s first menu are still featured at our restaurant today as either “Off-the-Menu Favorites” featured on our home page or within the Piero’s menu itself.

-Evan Glusman

Piero’s Italian Cuisine, Managing Partner