30 Wonderful Years!


Thank you for 30 wonderful years!

As our 30th anniversary celebration comes to a close, it really amazes me that Piero’s has delivered a top-notch dining experience for three decades.

Piero’s has quite a story behind it! There are decades of history within these walls that truly depict the story of Las Vegas. And wow, have we grown. My parents started Piero’s as a small 60-seat restaurant and now we’re nearly 500-seats strong.

We always have, and will continue to, take great pride in serving our local customers, and those from around the globe. We’ve also been very fortunate to serve many celebrities over the years including Justin Timberlake, Nicholas Cage, Bill Clinton, and John Boehner… And the list goes on.

But my fondest memories have formed while watching my children grow up in the restaurant as I did 30 years ago. I used to play in the kitchen, enjoy the food, run around and sit with guests. I see my daughter and my son doing it now, which brings back memories and creates new ones!

The future of Piero’s is bright. We’re still one of the most successful restaurants in Las Vegas and we are fortunate to receive new awards every year.

What a year. I want to thank you for all the continued support. Without our guests and staff, we wouldn’t be here. Here’s to 30 more years of great service and food at Piero’s Italian Cuisine!